for everyone who’s been asking why I’m not online that much anymore:

I’ve been very busy lately and I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to keep regularly updating his blog so it’s probably going to be in a semi-hiatus mode over the summer.

So if you’d like to keep in touch you can follow me on my MAIN BLOG (multifandom mess but mostly Hannibal, Elementary and Game of Thrones)

they didn’t just kill her character they ruined it
i didn’t see the episode and i don’t plan to but apparently she’s a suicide-bomber angel now wtf?????
salvatour replied to your post:drinkmasturbatecry replied to your post:yeah i…
idk if you’re talking about supernatural (which i stopped watching two season ago) or the vampire diaries (which the last episode was just WHAT THE FUCK)
this is about spn but yeah i heard what happened on tvd and it’s equally disgusting
It was pointless as fuck. But they kill everybody pointlessly in this show now, so Im not even surprised anymore. That’s the only thing I hate about last night.
it was stupid and pointless
drinkmasturbatecry replied to your post“drinkmasturbatecry replied to your post:yeah i think i’m done with…”
yeah i stopped watching immediately after they killed kevin so i have no idea what is going on BUT I ASSUME IT IS AS PER USUAL TERRIBLE

so basically what happened is one half of my OTP pointlessly killed the other one, how do i wake up from tHIS NIGHTMARE

I figured you would be after that hot mess and total waste
Well Tessa, you certainly don’t have any other choice. Kidding! It makes me sad that the show used to be good and even sadder that viewers still think it’s good…

they just killed off my favorite character someone please tell me this is all a bad joke

yeah i think i’m done with this show


make me choose↳ quinn asked: dean/cas or dean/lisa


make me choose
quinn asked: dean/cas or dean/lisa

I want us to be together again. I want us to be a family again.